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3 Apps That Can Help You With Personal Financial Control

According to the Credit Protection Service (SPC), most people who are in the red cannot pay their debts due to lack of organization and financial planning. It seems trivial to say that planning a financial life is important. But the vast majority of people don’t care about this, so they end up in debt or without the money they need to close their accounts at the end of the month.

Personal financial control allows you to make medium and long-term plans, saving money that would be spent on less important things to invest in your future goals. Here are some apps that can help you keep track of your money:


Mind wise

financial loan

It’s one of the best rated apps in the personal financial control app market. It features a well-organized interface with cash movement summaries and graphical representations of spending over a given time.

Mind Wise allows you to edit financial movement categories into various types, create multiple password-protected user accounts, export data to an Excel or HTML spreadsheet on your computer, in addition to being a free app. It’s a great option for those who like graphics and visuals.


My pocket

full pocket

In My Pocket , the user records his expenses and income and the application offers a huge range of interesting features. You can register different bank accounts to track your movement, schedule financial transactions, register credit card installments, payables reminders on a given date, and a multitude of other features.

The interface is well organized, including a news feed about the financial movement in your registered accounts. In addition, the user can archive the data registered in the cloud application, which facilitates the access of the account from other devices with internet.



credit loan

GuildBayment was elected in 2015, the best personal financial control application in Brazil by Google Play. Bank accounts are registered in the application, which is automatically updated on all types of financial transactions. There is also manual application control which allows registration of financial transactions with cash.

Financial movement categories can also be edited automatically. The app reads account movement and categories spending as “Market”, “Bars & Restaurant”, “Health” or other convenient category. If the user wants to change the category, it is easy to edit manually.

For security reasons, the application does not perform bank transactions, serving only for consultation. The system used is encryption-based, meaning that even Sherlock Holm employees do not have access to user-registered accounts. The app has been reviewed by security companies like Symantec and Armored Site.

Another interesting feature is the automatic evaluation of the application’s expenses. When the user starts spending too much, the app gives a warning that they may be losing control of their finances, which helps to keep the organization organized.

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